Welcome at my website.

Computer science has been area of my studies and it's my hobby. This is my private website, dedicated to my person and own authorship computer programs.

The website has been created in 2003 and during all these years, it has been transformed through several reincarnations. Initially, it was supposed to be a small web page, presenting programs written by me in a primary school age. Over time, the concept of my website has evolved. Software, which I designed as a teenager became a part of my "early creativity". Old experiences have been replaced by new ones, achieved during computer science studies.

Currently, the website is divided into five basic sections:
  • Publications - here you can find titles of my own authorship articles and scientific publications, published by scientific periodicals;
  • University projects - this section is a review of the most interesting projects, which I designed during my studies;
  • Software utilities - section containing utilities and tools for Windows OS. I created the most of them as a teenager;
  • Contact - here you can find all information to contact me;
  • About me - a short presentation of my person;