About me

I was born at 11th January 1987 in Krakow, Poland. At 11th July 2012 I graduated Computer Science studies at Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science at Cracow University of Technology, obtaining the Master of Science Engineer in Computer Science degree. I'm interested in designing and creating of software and computer systems, by using such programming languages as: Java / C# / C++ / C.

In modern IT technologies area, I'm interested in using methods of Artificial Intelligence as a tool, which can make our daily life better. At free time, I like read good books, especially books which plot interwines with important social and political events of present times. I also like listening a music. I don't have my favourite performers in pop kind - I listen all music, which I classify as nice. I also like classic music and singing poetry.

When I have such possibility, I go to long trips with my photo camera - I take a photos of landscapes usually, but not only...

Msc Eng Michał Majewicz