Older programs

This section has sentimental importance only. I designed listed below programs, when I was a teenager yet. Due to the passage of time and evolution of computer science solutions, these programs may not cooperate correctly with new version of MS Windows (especially MS Windows Vista/7/8) and other programs, as well as they may be not compatibile with modern hardware solutions.

Name of program
Taskbar Title Changer 1.23Simple program, whose job was changing title of bars of Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0/7.0 and Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0/7.0 to user content. The tool offers several predefined templates (e.g current date and time).
Download the program (Polish version only) [395 kB]
Konwerter Systemów Zapisu Liczb 2.0Application, designed to conversion numbers between different number notation systems. The tool allows conversion between hexadecimal, decimal and binary systems. Currently, builtin MS Windows calculator offers similar functionality.
Download the program (Polish version only) [377 kB]
Win Copy Logos 1.0First application designed by me. The program can extract start and end screens from MS Windows 95/98 system files. These screens are displaying during starting and shutting down OS. The tool is now an old school gadget for me...
Download the program (Polish version only) [392 kB]
Krajobraz 2.0The application displays winter landscape with falling snow animation. Unfortunately, due to speed of today CPUs, the snow falls too fast definitely...
Download the program (Polish version only) [685 kB]